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Mediterranea and the Phase 3 - activities of students in presence mode

Protocollo sicurezza di Ateneo Linee Guida anticovid

University security protocol Guidelines anticovid

Mediterranea and Phase 3 - activities of the students in presence mode

University security protocol Guidelines anticovid:

General Information

Teaching will generally be delivered both face to face and remotely (mixed mode) through the Microsoft TEAMS telematic platform

· The Departments will update and publish the list of courses delivered in mixed mode and possibly only remotely.

· The Departments may, in high-number courses, provide for distance teaching delivery (synchronous and / or asynchronous), setting up shift systems

· Starting from September 16, 2020, the performance in the presence of the exams will be reactivated, limited to the types indicated and disclosed by the respective Departments and Degree Programs.

· It will always be possible to carry out the exam entirely remotely for those who, due to the health emergency, will not be able to be present on site (eg fragile subjects, foreign students unable to reach Italy, etc.)

· Resumes the tutoring activity in presence; in any case, distance tutoring will be allowed. Students are usually received at a distance, unless there are justified needs for which the teacher requests express authorization from the Department Director

The secretarial services continue mainly at a distance or by appointment,

· The University recommends the use of the IMMUNI App to all those who intend to access the university spaces, to contribute to the protection of everyone's health

· On the prevention and safety systems, consult the University safety protocol and the anticovid guidelines published on the website


. Access by students to university facilities is free, subject to the mandatory signign of the appropriate self-declaration;

· Access to university facilities must be through the identified and marked entrances.

· The minimum interpersonal distance of 1 meter must be respected at the entrance and exit of the complexes, as inside the university campus and any form of gathering must be avoided.

· At the entrance of each complex, a supervision service is also set up for the direct measurement of body temperature; in the event that the body temperature is above 37.5 ° C, access will not be allowed. The same presidium will check and register, through self-certification, the entries of personnel not belonging to the academic community.

The presence of students will be tracked by electronic badge (the data acquired on the presence of students will be used only in case of need)


To ensure safety:

· The teacher will take care to register attendance ensuring the correspondence between the reservations received and the real presence of the students;

· The classrooms will be reserved for each year of the course. In each classroom the places that can be occupied and to be kept free are indicated.

· In classrooms with free seating positioning, the workstations will be placed at a minimum distance of 1 meter between the centers of the adjacent sessions.

· All those present in the classroom, except for the teacher, must wear a mask. The teacher, during the lesson, must keep a distance of at least 2 m from the students. If this is not possible, the teacher must also wear a mask.

· Each lesson will be divided into 60-minute fractions including a 10-minute break to ensure ventilation of the premises.

· Between lessons of different teachers there is a 15-minute break to allow for the sanitation of the incoming teacher station.

· Upon entering the classroom:

o students must maintain a minimum interpersonal distance of 1 meter and progressively occupy the places marked by the university;

o students must provide for hand sanitation;

· The use of the toilets during the examination or lesson is allowed to one person at a time, who must take care to sanitize their hands when leaving the classroom and before returning.

· The classrooms and university spaces open to students are subject to daily sanitation interventions.


The offices of the University library system can distribute texts ensuring the entrance to the library of students according to the limits of its maximum capacity and in compliance with all the provisions of the University Protocol on anti-Covid-19 security.

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