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Submission of applications for curricular internship (C.d.S. in Economics LM-56) - Deadline 07/07/2020

Given the health emergency for the Coronavirus that prevents the performance of activities in the presence, the Department Council in the session of May 27, 2020 decided that the students of the Master of Science in Economics (LM-56) who will want to take the exam of degree in the session of October 2020, will have to draw up a project work under the guidance of one of the teachers in charge of the courses that fall into the sectors SECS-P / 01, SECS-P / 02, SECS-P / 03, SECS-P07, SECS -P / 08, SECS-S06.

To this end, interested students must submit an application no later than July 7, 2020, by sending an email to the didactic secretary who will transmit the request to the reference teacher of the sector chosen by the student and, for information, to the course coordinator. of studies as president of the traineeships commission pursuant to art. 3 of the relative regulation.

To participate, students must meet the following requirements:
a) be regularly enrolled in the second year or subsequent years;
b) having acquired a minimum of n. 60 tax code

If the students who participated in the projet work do not obtain the qualification, once the health emergency is over, they will have to carry out the internship according to the ordinary procedures provided for by the current regulation.

The project work must be delivered no later than September 8, 2020.

For information, contact the Didactic Department of the Degree in Economics.

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