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Valeria Solesin Award

Applications for undergraduates and undergraduates are open, also in STEM subjects.
12 scholarships up for grabs, 30,700 euros e
all Italian universities involved.

From the now consolidated collaboration between the Forum of Meritocracy and Allianz Partners, the Valeria Solesin Prize is renewed for the fourth consecutive year, a competition for students and students of all Italian universities, public and private, inspired by the studies of the Venetian researcher , tragically disappeared in the Paris attack of 13 November 2015. Given the importance assumed by the initiative over the years, albeit compatibly with the evolution of the current emergency situation linked to Covid-19, the Award will be an integral part of the Schedule Cultural 2020 of the Municipality of Milan, dedicated this year to women's talents.

Admitted to participate in the master's degree theses discussed by 31 July 2020 in Economics, Sociology, Law, Political Sciences, Demography, Statistics and confirmed the opening, inaugurated on the occasion of the 2019 edition, to the disciplinary fields related to Engineering, Science of Training and Psychology. The deadline for submitting works is 7 August 2020.

The prizes to be won, 12 scholarships worth € 30,700, will be awarded in the past to those works that will be able to analyze the theme of “Female talent as a determining factor for the development of the economy, ethics and originality with originality. of meritocracy in our country ”, ideally gathering the witness and cultural heritage of Valeria Solesin, who in her studies investigated the dual role of women, divided between family and work, and the positive effects of a balanced female presence in companies.

The opening to the Faculty of Engineering wants to underline the importance and role that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) studies and professions can have in the path towards an ever greater gender equality. Indeed, if we think about how technological progress is redesigning our habits and lifestyles, it is fundamental how necessary it is for women to be able to make their contribution and their mark on these changes.

In the history of the Valeria Solesin Prize there were also successful examples of thesis of a scientific / mathematical nature, which dealt with a complex theme such as the links between familism, gender ideology, women's education and fertility through careful analysis and scientific correlation of data.

“Despite the progress made in recent years, also thanks to interventions such as the Gulf-Moscow law, which introduced the pink quotas on the Boards of Directors, the numbers of the Gender gap in Italy cannot leave us immobile and indifferent. The percentage of women working in the 20-64 age group stops at 53.1%, a figure that puts us in the penultimate position among the EU member countries, while only 27% hold managerial roles, a very high value. below the European average (33.9%) 1. It is therefore not surprising that our country is relegated to the 76th place of the Global Gender Gap Index 2020 of the World Economic Forum, where we occupy an even more worrying 117 position in terms of economic participation and opportunities, "said Paola Corna Pellegrini, CEO of Allianz Partners. “These figures, which give us the dimension of the phenomenon of gender inequalities, also confirm how important initiatives such as the Valeria Solesin Prize are. On the other hand, the energy, enthusiasm, but also the analytical ability and the clarity of vision of the girls and boys we have met in recent years, are for us a source of stimulus and a reason for optimism, which it drives us to continue our commitment to enhance female talent, a resource that we cannot give up if we want to build a more just, prosperous and sustainable future for everyone "

“The commitment and the often excellent results achieved by the girls in the course of humanities and scientific studies is a fact. The gender gap occurs in the first five years after entering the world of work and the consequences are seen in terms of top positions held by women in the private and public sectors, as well as in political representation. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown, once again, this dangerous imbalance in the dramatic blindness with which strategic decisions have been made for the country: the overwhelmingly male composition of the Task Force in charge of reopening activities, all-female training of the Task Force set up at the Ministry of the Family for social recovery, the failure to analyze the gender impact on decisions relating to the School. The Valeria Solesin Prize is intended to subvert this poverty of vision, affirming and spreading a healthy culture of Merit ", concludes Maria Cristina Origlia, President of the Forum of Meritocracy.

There are several companies and associations that have confirmed their support and new ones that have decided to join on the occasion of this 4th Edition: Allianz Partners, promoter of the initiative, MM, Sanofi, SAS, EY, Suzuki, Boscolo, A&A Studio Legal, Euler Hermes, State Street, Italian Association for Population Studies (AISP) of the Italian Statistics Society (SIS) and TRT Transport and Territory.

The importance and media impact of the Valeria Solesin Prize was further confirmed by the victory of the Assorel Prize 2019, awarded in the Social Communication - Corporate Social Responsibility category.

All information on how to participate are indicated in the announcement available on the website

The award ceremony is scheduled for November 26, 2020 in Milan.



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