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Agricultural Library | Seminar with Prof. Schicchi on "Monumental trees"

The cycle of online seminars entitled "Open Green: green beyond the screen" continues, promoted by the Agricultural Library of the Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria. The second seminar of the series will take place on Wednesday 3 June at 10 am on the Microsoft Teams platform (Team code: 5jjn1cf) and will have as a speaker Prof. Rosario Schicchi (Full Professor of Systematic Botany of the University of Palermo / Department of Agricultural Sciences and forestry, Director of the Botanical Garden of Palermo). The theme is "Monumental trees: knowledge, conservation, enhancement" (duration: two hours).
Old trees that have lived for centuries, even millennia. Trees that have seen the thread of history unfold under their branches. They gave shade and abode to kings, queens, brigands, witches, goblins, warriors. Trees that have been the refuge of now extinct animals. They resisted storms, battles, floods, earthquakes, infestations, droughts, fires and finally pollution and neglect. They inspired painters, poets, musicians. Trees that have made our cities, streets, squares, villas and historic gardens more pleasant. Trees that still today, as centuries ago, excite travelers and tourists, children and the elderly. Trees that tell us about rites and myths, traditions and beliefs, sacred trees. Patriarch trees guard the mystery of life and by studying them we can explore it. Other trees, more or less old, tell us about the landscape of men and nature: through them we can better understand their mutations. All these trees are for us a priceless heritage and as such we must safeguard and enhance them. We are reminded of this by a law (L 14/01/2013 n.10) which we do not always remember and which in turn reminds us of many others. Regions have an obligation to census - identifying, locating, filing - monumental trees; in this way they contribute to defining, updating and making accessible information on this enormous Italian natural and cultural heritage. Because we can all know it, protect it, enjoy it, enhance it.
Prof. Rosario Schicchi will introduce us to the knowledge of our arboreal heritage, which for decades has studied with passion and method, having studied in depth the study of the monumental trees of Sicily, as well as having participated in the debate on the topic and in the research of the national scientific community and international. The seminar will take inspiration from the recent volume published by the speaker, together with other authors, on "The big trees of the Nebrodi", to then extend to more general aspects, with comments also on other regional areas.

The seminars, lasting a maximum of two hours, will take place on the Microsoft Teams platform, in a dedicated team (name: OPEN GREEN - Green beyond the screen / pin code: 5jjn1cf). For those who do not join the team, the link to participate in the individual events will be made known on the web page of the Department of Agriculture ( and on other social media, a few days before the scheduled date. . Participants with registered presence will receive a certificate useful for the achievement of CFU.

Attached Link for the seminar of Prof. Schicchi

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