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Hide to study (online) 2020 - The exercises of the students of forest and environmental sciences are starting

The courses of study in "Forest and environmental sciences" (L25 + LM73) of the Department of Agriculture of the Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria propose again for this year the traditional appointment of "Let's get to study". The initiative takes place in collaboration with the Aspromonte National Park. Since the Covid-19 emergency does not yet allow to carry out the exercise experience in a residential form in the Park, it will take place in another form on the same programming dates, favoring as always the relationship with the areas of study and with the technical figures- scientific reference.
Consistent with the new curricula of the CdS, focused on the planning and design of green areas, the knowledge of green and urban ecosystems will be promoted also looking at the professional experiences that interest him: three online meetings with technicians, professionals and experts willing to tell their experience, showing the job prospects offered by the sector today. A cycle of application seminars ironically called "We work and we are broke"; but the people invited are those who work on greenery seriously. The two-hour seminars will take place on the Microsoft Teams platform (Team name: let's get our hands on).

• Friday May 29th at 4pm, the first meeting will take place. It will be held by Daniela Romano (Professor of Horticulture and Floriculture at the University of Catania) who will deal with the theme "There is green and green: public green between environmental criteria and regulatory requirements". The starting point is given by the recent DM n. 63 of 10 March 2020 containing Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) for the public green management service and the supply of green care products. CAMs are an essential component of medium-long term strategic approaches, so that territorial entities equip themselves and apply advanced public green management tools: the census and the green plan, the public green regulation, the arboreal balance (which they represent the basis for a correct and effective urban green management). In this way, interventions on the territory of low quality, if not negative, with the consequent increase in costs for the communities can also be avoided.

• Thursday 4 June at 4 pm, in coherence with the first seminar, the application implications at municipal level will be analyzed, as regards both monitoring and management of green areas. This will take place through a meeting entitled "The green we have in common", with the forestry doctor Vincenzo Cotroneo (Head of the Agriculture and Public Green Service - Environment sector of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria) and with the agronomist dr. Bruno Nicolò (Head of the Parks, Gardens and Beaches Service of Castore SPL s.r.l.).

• Friday 5 June at 5pm, the naturalist dr. Giuseppe Martino will introduce the participants to the knowledge of the wildlife that is settled in the urban or peri-urban area. The seminar will have the title "We who live in green: study and learn about the urban fauna around us". The theme acquired particular relevance precisely during the lockdown days due to the Covid-19 pandemic, when many animal species, less disturbed by the presence of man, began to circulate through the cities showing their presence.
The teachers of the study courses will also participate in the initiative, helping to relate the themes and considerations made to the specific contents of the courses.

The cycle of application seminars proposed by the Degrees in Forest and Environmental Sciences gives rise to the achievement of CFU recognized as a training internship. The cycle, carried out online, for this year replaces residential exercises in the woods. For this reason, in the team called "afforchiamoci", the seminars will promptly begin with the detection of the presence of students who must exempt the ECTS. For the achievement of all the credits attributed to the exercises in the woods, the following two seminars scheduled by the Agricultural Library within the Open Green cycle must also be considered:
• Tuesday, May 26 at 11.00 am, “Urban and peri-urban forestry: trees will save our cities (even the planet?)”, Meeting with: Giovanni Sanesi (University of Bari, FAO-Silva Mediterranea Urban and Periurban Forests Working Group)

• Wednesday 3 June at 10.00, "The monumental trees: knowledge, conservation, enhancement". Meeting with: Rosario Schicchi (University of Palermo, Department of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences / Director of the Botanical Garden of Palermo)

These last two seminars can be attended by joining the "Open Green: green beyond the screen" team with the code 5jjn1cf. Also for them we will proceed to detection of presence.

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