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May 30 Webinar: The Integrated Strait Area and the post-Covid relaunch

The Integrated Area of ​​the Strait and the post-Covid relaunch: institutional, infrastructural, identity and cultural, economic profiles.
The continental shore of the Strait today presents an identity issue of its own in relation to the established integrated area: the pandemic scenario evoked by the title of this event, as a consequence of some political choices - among which, the most striking ones censored at the highest institutional levels - has even the highly acclaimed territorial continuity, if not even the sovereignty of the State in relation to its powers on its own borders, was severely tested.

The newly created Port System Authority of the Strait is undoubtedly the most suitable instrument for the purposes of a real logistical-intermodal conurbation process, but maximum synergy with the other institutions in general and with the scientific world appears indispensable for this purpose. university in particular.

It is necessary to draw together new and ambitious scenarios, with respect to which a regained strategic centrality of the Mediterranean makes the Strait no less attractive and barycentric than the Suez Canal, or other sites hitherto more decisive in the geopolitical landscape.

Today, from this initiative shared between AIOC and the Digies Department of the Università Mediterranea , this epochal challenge for the growth of the territory starts, so that, to say it with Mario Mega, the Strait is an opportunity and not a limit.

The event, moderated by Comm. Corrado Savasta and introduced by Prof. Massimiliano Ferrara, will record the greetings of the Rector, Prof. Zimbone; they will take turns at the virtual table: the Prefect Massimo Mariani; the President of the Strait AdSP, Mario Mega; the Professors Costabile, D’Ascola, Nicolò; Dr. Signorello. The works will be concluded by Dr. Pier Felice degli Uberti.

To participate in the meeting, you will need to access the Microsoft TEAMS - Third Mission DIGIES platform. The code to join is the following: 9ihpstx

Users not registered on the Microsoft TEAMS UNIRC platform, to take part in the meeting, will have to send an email to the address:

Via dell'Università, 25 (già Salita Melissari) - 89124 Reggio Calabria - CF 80006510806 - Fax 0965 332201 - URP:Indirizzo di posta elettronica dell'ufficio relazioni con il pubblico- PEC:Indirizzo di posta elettronica certificata dell'amministrazione
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