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Common strategy of the Calabrian universities for Phase 2 of the health emergency

The rectors De Sarro (Magna Grecia), Leone (Unical) and Zimbone (Mediterranean) ensure the protection of health and applaud the interventions promoted by Minister Manfredi

Lectures, exams and degree sessions in telematic mode still for Phase 2 of the Coronavirus emergency.

The Rectors of the three Calabrian state universities, Giovambattista De Sarro of the Magna Grecia Università di Catanzaro, Nicola Leone of the Università della Calabria of Rende and Santo Marcello Zimbone of the Mediterranean Università di Reggio Calabria, agree in unison of uniform precautionary measures for the coming weeks.

They agree that the emergency conditions linked to the pandemic do not yet allow to start again safely with didactic and curricular activities in attendance. The return to the classroom would entail a massive circulation on public means of transport, a sector particularly at risk of infection, and would require continuous sanitation of the classrooms, even at shift changes, and of common spaces, such as canteens and libraries.

Measures that at the moment the universities would not be able to ensure in total safety to guarantee the maximum effectiveness of the law, as emerges from the fact that distance learning activities unites almost all Italian universities.

The three Calabrian rectors are aware of how far the measures to combat the emergency have so far imposed often difficult decisions, requiring sacrifices to students, teachers and technical-administrative staff, who have had to immediately use partially new organizational and work tools, guided by the objective of giving effective answers that combined the right to study with the precautionary needs related to the emergency from Covid-19. An unprecedented health crisis that, unfortunately, is still in full evolution, despite the loosening of some restrictive measures imposed by the government. On the other hand, we are still expecting a strengthening of the basic medicine network, which can also provide home care, as the expected digital application is slow to arrive, necessary to quickly track infections and isolate outbreaks. Calabria suffers from the weakness of the regional health system which has been excessively scaled down in recent years. Therefore, in such a context of reference, to limit the risks and protect health, the educational activities of the coming weeks will continue at a distance, while it has already been possible for some time to access the research laboratories, with the specific methods adopted by the individual universities. The return to university residences is precluded, without prejudice to the possibility of withdrawing, in an agreed manner, personal effects and materials for the study.
De Sarro, Leone and Zimbone applaud the measures concerning universities and research of the "Relaunch" Decree announced by the Government, which will allocate important funds, accepting requests from Italian universities. A special applause from the three rectors is addressed to the impulse and work of the Minister of the University and Scientific Research Gaetano Manfredi. A praise for both the funds earmarked for the right to study, with the increased support of the so-called no-tax area, which they hope for a division among the universities that adequately takes into account the significantly higher incidence in the south of the country of families low income, both for the forward-looking attention paid to scientific research, with investments useful to guarantee 4,000 places for young researchers.

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