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Design: new course of studies of the PAU Department for the academic year 2020-21 *

A new degree course in Design (class L4) will be active at the Urban Architecture Heritage Department (PAU) of the Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, starting from the next academic year *.

The proposal was born from the awareness that design, in the sector of creative supply chains, ranks among those that have recorded the best adaptation to the international macroeconomic framework, showing continuous growth rates, especially in relation to Made in Italy. It therefore offers significant employment opportunities within the labor market, which shows a strong demand for creative and competent professional figures, both as a freelance, and within companies, businesses, institutions, public and private bodies, as a designer of objects of common use of indoor and outdoor furniture, or as an exhibit designer, web designer, advertising graphic designer and much more.

The three-year, open access course offers training opportunities within one of the following three areas:

- Product design: design of artisan and industrial products, with particular reference to eco-sustainable and inclusive ones.
- Communication Design: design in the field of analog and digital communication, web design, graphics, advertising, multimedia, also in relation to the branding strategies of Cultural Heritage.
- Design for Indoor / Outdoor: design of public and private furnishings and indoor and outdoor spaces, temporary installations for exhibition and cultural events, as well as designs for the enhancement and optimal use of the architectural, urban and territorial cultural heritage, which take into account account of inclusion principles.
The teaching, based on the principle of Learning by doing, sees the student protagonist of the learning path, making use of laboratory activities and workshops, in coworking with leading exponents of contemporary design and industry experts. Internship experiences and participation in major Made in Italy events are planned and encouraged, as well as experiences abroad. The first two years are dedicated to a methodological-design training common to all areas, while the third year will focus on specialized disciplines within the chosen field, which will find concrete application in the internship in companies or public / private bodies, which they express a request for professionalism in the sector.
In addition to acquiring a perfect knowledge of the production systems and the control of all the design phases, from the concept to the prototype, the student is stimulated to develop their creative skills and to enhance the fundamental soft skills in the workplace.

One of the strengths is the attention paid to the ethical and social aspects of the profession: sustainability, inclusiveness, eco-compatibility, particularly current and indispensable within any creative and productive path.

* subject to initial accreditation by the MUR.

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