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Department of Agriculture. Recognition of the D.O.P. for the 'Caper of the Aeolian Islands DOP'.

The Department of Agriculture expresses its congratulations on the milestone reached and expresses the wish that the Caper of the Aeolian Islands D.O.P. can increasingly represent an opportunity for economic development and enhancement of agriculture and southern food and wine traditions, in particular Aeolian.

Thanks to the recognition of the D.O.P. - which is a guarantee of quality, authenticity and which certifies the inseparable link between the caper and the territory of the Aeolian island area - the peculiar characteristics of a unique product of its kind and with a mythical symbolic meaning are officially recognized: the green gold of the pearls of Eolie (Aeolus). The Eolie islands can thus boast of the third quality award conferred at national and European level for the typical products of local Aeolian agriculture (after the malvasia of the Lipari D.O.C. and the Salina I.G.T. wine).
And there is a bit of the Department of Agriculture of the Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria within the path of this prestigious recognition. Thanks to the Agronomist Doctor Lorenzo Cortese, graduated with honors in "Agricultural Sciences and Technologies" at our University, who as a competent and passionate technician followed the complex assessment procedure, accompanying in this path the Caper Association of the Aeolian Islands at the level regional, national and European, until final recognition.

The story starts even further, from the development of the degree thesis, carried out in the A.Y. 2011-2012, and having as its theme the caper of the Aeolian Islands. The in-depth study of the topic and the cultural exchange activated with the rapporteur, Prof. Agata Nicolosi (professor of Economics and European Policies), allowed Dr. Cortese to put to use the skills acquired and the precious lessons received, both in his professional activity in general and, in particular, in the start-up and development of the PDO project This adventure began in 2015 and finally ended on May 7, when it was published in the G.U.U.E. the EU 2020/624 Executive Regulation of 30/04/2020 with which the registration of the D.O.P. "Caper of the Aeolian Islands".

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