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Cybersecurity: excellent employment prospects for DIIES graduates.

The growing number of devices connected to the internet requires constant attention to the protection of data and services from cyber attacks.

'' Nowadays, cybersecurity professionals are a highly sought-after profile from the corporate world. We are constantly immersed in cyberspace, we use electronic devices such as PCs, smartphones, home automation devices and hyper-connected cars and we use banking and healthcare services from the comfort of home. Furthermore, critical infrastructures (such as energy suppliers and healthcare facilities) are also connected to the internet. This can expose us to obvious risks to our safety. In fact, these devices are increasingly subject to cyber attacks. In particular, in critical infrastructures, compliance with security requirements is a priority for the protection of all citizens. " The prof. Francesco Buccafurri, IT Security Professor of the DIIES Engineering Department, during the cycle of seminars “Go Connect” organized by the Università Mediterranea, exposed the risks of the Web and the importance of cybersecurity .: "The exponential increase of internet-connected devices must be accompanied by a security of these, as it increases the attack surface of Cybercriminals, who often attack to draw from them profit, asking the victim for a ransom (case of Ransomware). For this reason, professionals in cybersecurity are an increasingly sought-after profile from the world of companies. In addition to device security, training and continuous updating of personnel are important aspects as often the human factor represents the weakness of the security chain, since social engineering is frequently used as an attack vector (for example with an attacker sending fraudulent emails or containing malicious links ''.

To date, but increasingly in the future, professionals in this sector play and will play a role of fundamental importance in order to significantly reduce the risks from any type of cyber attack, thus avoiding significant damage both in economic terms and in the loss of data by of companies, and sometimes with an impact on the safety of people and the environment (given the role that IT has in physical systems).

Cybersecurity, in addition to being a research topic in the DIIES Engineering laboratories, is taught in the Department's degree courses.

Students will be able to choose to train as professionals in this sector by choosing the Corso di Laurea triennale in ‘’Ingegneria dell'Informazione’’ and continue with laurea Magistrale in ‘’Ingegneria Informatica e dei sistemi per le Telecomunicazioni’’, on the choice of Internet profile and security. This is one of the many testimonies of the DIIES to provide training and research in step with the times. This translates into excellent postgraduate employability and a high appreciation of graduates by companies in the ICT sector.

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