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The Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Reggio Calabria, established on December 6, 1967, were the core founding of the Università di Reggio Calabria. The acknowledgement comes with the Decree of the President of the Republic on June 17, 1968, which marks the birth of the Libero Istituto Universitario di Architettura (IUSA) .Professor Salvatore Boscarino held on the first lesson on December 18, 1967, on the theme "Elements of architecture and monuments of relief".

In the first academic year, 81 students enrolled at the University. The inaugural lectures are held in the Council Chamber of the Province of Reggio Calabria, after which the Institute is housed at the expense of the City, the temporary location of Palazzo Delfino, then at the premises of the Municipal Library and finally, in October 1969 in the premises of Archbishopric.

By Decree of the President of the Republic on February 14, 1970, the Libera Università di Architettura takes its name from the Istituto Universitario Statale di Architettura (I.U.S.A.).

Pending the establishment of the academic bodies, the administration is temporarily entrusted to a government commissioner, dr. Franco Pontorieri, while the powers of the Faculty Council shall be exercised by a committee consisting of three professors appointed by the Ministry of Education: prof. Ludovico Quaroni, professor at the University of Rome, prof. Ugo Fuxa, professor at the University of Palermo, prof. Gianvito Resta, professor at the University of Messina.

Nemea's LionThe official emblem, chosen in 1972, is inspired to staters and silver tetradrachms Rhegion - beaten by 488 BC

Old logoabout until the conquest of the city by Dionysius I of Syracuse in 386 bC - whose exemplary nicer for execution and state of preservation, is kept at the National Museum of Magna Grecia in Reggio Calabria. It is an ancient coin whose reverse side is the head of Apollo with laurel wreath and legend of the ethnic ΡΗΓΙΝΟΝ, preserved in the Museum, the right hand represents a lion's head ( Lion of Nemea ), symbol of the flourishing of the arts and sciences at the Pythagorean school of Reggio, founded approximately in 400 BC.

In 1976, with the appointment of five professors, the management commissioner decayed and was elected Director of IUSA Antonio Quistelli, Professor of Industrial Design.

The passage of I.U.S.A. at State University takes effect starting in academic year 1982/1983. In fact, with the law of August 14, 1982, n. 590, was established the Università di Reggio Calabria, in order to "promote the development and advancement of culture and science through research and education and to contribute to the development of civil, cultural, social and economic development of the country and Calabria".

The new structure of the Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria becomes the following : Faculty of Architecture, Engineering and Agriculture, with headquarters in Reggio Calabria, Faculty of Law, Medicine and Surgery, based in Catanzaro, to which is added, in 1992, the Faculty of Pharmacy, also based in Catanzaro.

Antonio QuistelliThe first Rector of the University was Antonio Quistelli, former Director of IUSA. He will remain in charge until 1989. Dean of the Faculty of Architecture is Rosalba La Crete, Dean of the Faculty of Law is Alexander Corbino, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is prof. Vincenzo Bocchini.

The Faculty of Agriculture, Pharmacy and Engineering, respectively, are directed by a Technical Committee, pending the establishment of the Faculty Councils. The Technical Committee of the Faculty of Agriculture is made up of professors Carmelo Schifani, John Giovannozzi Sermanni and Salvatore Foti ; Authorizing Technical Committee of the Faculty of Pharmacy includes, among other professors Peter Monforte, Laconica Giuseppe Girolamo Cirrincione; Authorizing the Technical Committee of the Faculty of Engineering consists of the professors Arturo Polese, Paul Finocchiaro and Antonio Paoletti. The first Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture is Carmelo Sturiale, elected in 1985. The first Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy is the Domenicantonio Rotiroti, elected in February 1996.

In 1986 was elected the first president of the Faculty of Engineering, Rosario Pietropaolo, Professor of Chemistry. In 1989 he was elected Rector of the University and remains in charge until 1999.

With effect from January 1, 1998 the University of Catanzaro became autonomous. The faculties of Reggio then became three : Agriculture, Architecture and Engineering, plus a didactic pole of Law that, in 2001, stands out from Catanzaro to become the fourth Faculty.

At the time of the institution, the faculty had office in Reggio Calabria premises leased and located in different places of the city, in the nineties began the transfer to the new large and modern facilities concentrated in the University Campus, located in the valley of the river Annunziata.

In 1999 he was elected rector Alessandro Bianchi, Professor of Urban Planning, who shall hold office until May 2006, the date of appointment as Minister of the Italian Republic for the Transport of the Prodi government.

In 2001 it also changed the name of the University of Reggio Calabria in the "Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria," with the ambition to become a cultural and scientific reference in the Mediterranean basin.

In 2007 the leadership of the Mediterranean is assumed by Massimo Giovannini, professor of Drawing, former dean of the Faculty of Architecture, re-elected in 2010, resigned in November 2012, after the election that delivered the charge to Pasquale Catanoso, Professor of Public Finance at the Faculty of Law, University Mediterranea and since 2007 director of the Department of historical sciences, law, economics and social issues.

The Mediterranean University has awarded honorary degrees to some important personalities : Giovanni Astengo, Jaime Gil Aluja, Pasqual Maragal i Mira, Federico Gorio, Pietro Larizza, Mimmo Rotella, Francesco Rosi, Umberto Eco, José Carlos Principe, Salvatore Settis, Stefano Paleari, Gianfranco Ravasi.

In 2012 the implementation of the reform Gelmini has redesigned the structure of the University with the establishment of six departments that have replaced the 4 faculties:

Agriculture (AGRARIA)
Heritage-Architecture-Urbanism (PAU)
Architecture (DARTE)
Law, Economics and Human Sciences (DIGIES)
Civil, Energy, Environmental and Material Engineering (DICEAM)
Information Engineering, Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy (DIIES)

Pieces from newspaper of 1983

Photos of first opening cerimony of the academic year

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